Read This Before Becoming a Freelance Designer

by | Jun 3, 2021 | promote your services

You want to take the leap and start out on your own. You trust your skills as a designer in your field and you think you can succeed as a freelancer. It’s an extremely rewarding feeling when you know you are your own boss and that you can choose the projects you take on.

There are a few things you should keep in mind though before starting out as a full-fledged freelance designer. Read the article for some helpful advice and some things you should keep in mind before going all the way!

At First, Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Financial security is a key element in supporting yourself. If you have rent and other bills to pay, it does not make sense to drop everything immediately and start out as a freelance designer. While it may be tempting to just quit and start out on your own, it is more financially sound to first juggle your day job along with freelance projects on the side. You will also learn more about the freelance design industry, which is nothing like working at a 9 to 5 desk job at an agency.

Plan Your Finances Well

Once you start out as a freelance designer, getting consistent work might be difficult. You don’t want to max out your credit card and have rent due for two months because you aren’t getting enough work. You need to have some savings to help you go through the first few months. Keep enough saved up to last you for the first six months for when you start freelancing, so you have some breathing room to help you on your way.

Build a Strong Portfolio

Designers are nothing without their portfolio! If you’re considering going freelance, you need to really amp up your resume and your portfolio so that you can reach out to potential clients. Before they choose to work with you, they will want to go through your design portfolio to see the quality and type of work you do. So, add all your previous projects and regularly update your portfolio as you go along your journey!

Research Different Tools, Services and Portals

There are a lot of portals for freelancers available for you to sign up on. Sites like Sabisuu or Fiverr are popular because they are secure and all the clients are verified. Once you register as a service provider, it will become a lot easier for clients to reach out to you and it will eliminate a lot of the effort that goes into networking to build your project and client base. These portals also create a channel for communication between you and the client, so it becomes a lot more secure when it comes to payments as well.

Network, Network, and Keep Networking!

As a freelance designer, you need to have a strong community created with other designers. They don’t necessarily have to be practicing in the same field of design you are in, but it will help you gain access to more work. It also acts as a pillar of support when you need it, so it will definitely benefit you in the long run.

Building a strong portfolio and network, keeping some savings aside, and using all available tools and portals should offer you a great start on your journey to become a full-time freelance designer! It isn’t easy but it is definitely worth the struggle.


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Did you know that one lucky subscriber wins a reward every month?

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