Doorstep Delivery and its Future

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Convenience – that is all every customer strives for. If someone can find an easier way of doing a task, it is the only way it will be done. The easiest method with minimal effort always wins. Online shopping is possibly one of the most convenient ways to have a retail experience for a consumer. They can browse through catalogue after catalogue without leaving their couch, and the product gets delivered right to their doorstep.

COVID-19’s Impact on Door-To-Door Delivery

Doorstep delivery services became more than just convenient when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world. It became an essential, a need. Doorstep delivery was the safest possible way for people to get what they needed in their homes without risking exposure to the virus. Needless to say, the logistics and supply chain management industry was high in demand at this point.

They had to offer logistical support to multiple service and product-based industries. Since safety was of the utmost importance, doorstep delivery service providers had to take extra precautions to keep their teams as well as their customers safe. Entrepreneurs and small business owners that grew their business in the COVID-19 pandemic needed logistical support in order to get their packages delivered.

This put a lot of pressure on the supply chain industry, which only enabled them to grow in the hour of need. The existing supply chain management service providers expanded their doorstep delivery services and diversified the industries they were serving. New logistics and transportation service providers also started out in order to meet the doorstep delivery demand.

Anything that was conceivable could be delivered. People could now get their groceries delivered straight to their homes and anything else they needed as well – medicines, equipment, and more. Healthcare providers and hospitals also utilised these services in order to get their PPE kits, medicines, and other medical and pharmaceutical equipment that they needed.

The biggest noticeable impact was that the doorstep delivery services were not fast enough. If someone ordered something they needed urgently, like medicines or groceries for example, there was always a gap in the delivery timings. Sometimes people had to wait for two days before they could get their basic groceries. The waiting time was not fast enough, and people began to get impatient.

Entrepreneurs realized the shortage of fast and efficient doorstep delivery services around Singapore and immediately banked on this opportunity. More and more startups started offering quick delivery services, and there was also a noticeable rise in the stores offering delivery services themselves. No matter the industry the demand was created in, a door-to-door delivery option was created soon after.

If you are wondering what the most popular doorstep delivery services are and what industries they cater to, or if you are planning on starting your own logistics and supply chain management company, this article might offer a little insight.

New Doorstep Delivery Services

Yes, Amazon has seen a 220% growth in their services ever since the pandemic started. Ecommerce giants have fared very well in these times, and everyone is already aware of the online retail industry. There are other sectors that have seen a rise in popularity in Singapore during the pandemic that also offer doorstep delivery. The most popular ones are listed below.

Perishables and products for daily needs

Your daily groceries. Water delivery. Pantry supplies. Toilet paper. All of the things we could normally go to the store for, but it became unsafe to do so. The demand for doorstep deliveries shot up extremely high in the first few months of the pandemic and there was no proper system in place to manage their logistics at such a large scale.

Restaurant food

People missed the ease of going out for a meal and being served, or eventually grew tired of cooking at home every day. The food culture in Singapore is robust, which took a big hit as the pandemic hit and all the non-essentials were required to shut down. People still wanted to order in and experience the feeling of eating food outside, and restaurants had to find third party delivery services to meet their demands. Many restaurants chose to work with cab drivers across Singapore, who had also lost their primary mode of income, and asked them to work through various applications for their delivery.


The demand for pharmaceuticals shot through the roof. Everyone wanted to be stocked up at all times and be extra careful, which means people were always in need of medication and precautionary tools. Stores ran out of sanitizers all over the world, people were stocking up on medication, and there had to be a system created that offered quick delivery of medication, not even within the day, but within the hour if possible.

Instant delivery of parcels

Since people could not meet their loved ones or their friends, they chose to stay in, be safe and send packages around the city to them instead. These included small presents, a few knick knacks, some food someone had prepared, and more. These kind gestures were appreciated but they also created the market to open more door-to-door delivery services that offered instant delivery of parcels – from one doorstep to another.

Choosing a Delivery Service Provider

Now that you know the most upcoming industries that offer doorstep delivery, and if you want to join this movement as well, you need to work with a trusted service partner. Before you select one, you need to understand its importance. All ecommerce platforms, online delivery portals, shops, and restaurants can only work well if their logistics and transportation partners work well.

If you have a restaurant and want to start your own doorstep delivery service, and you choose an unverified and untrustworthy source, you may stand to lose your food on the way. The only thing worse than getting no food for a customer is getting bad food. The personnel responsible for doorstep delivery can drive rashly, without a care in the world, and absolutely crush the packaging with the food in it. If someone ordered a pizza and all they got was a folded mess, they would not blame the delivery partner. They will call up the restaurant to file their complaint, and then not order from there again.

The delivery partner is the only impression a company can make on their customers in the world of online retail of goods and services, which is why choosing the right logistics partner is crucial for your business.

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