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Our community is a growing website with visitors looking for guides to better engage service providers of all sectors and industries, and also for ways to better promote their services and engage leads.

We would like to encourage writers to share their knowledge, stories and research on our platform, and have your articles be read by many. By contributing your valuable content, we will give you promo codes and rewards, which you can utilise using your registered Sabisuu account.


People are continuously looking for fresh ideas and new stories, and it helps in encouraging engagement on our platform. Hence, we are always on the hunt for unique services and out-of-the-box POVs when crafting our articles. Do check out our articles to see what exactly are Service Guides and Promote Your Services categories.

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You can submit your articles in .docx format. As a writer, quality is really important. So don’t worry about the word limit, but focus on a juicy title and a compelling, spelling error-free content. Just remember that as readers, we can see how much thought a writer has given to his/her work.

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