Dietician vs. Nutritionist: How are they Different?

by | May 24, 2021 | service guide

Many of us often use the terms ‘dietician’ and ‘nutritionist’ interchangeably, but we notice that the professionals who work in the healthcare industry often differentiate between the two. If you’re finally getting around to meeting your new year’s resolution of adopting a healthier lifestyle, you are probably considering working with a nutritionist or dietician to meet your daily needs and help you achieve your goal.

This begs the question. Who is a dietician? Who is a nutritionist? Is there a difference? If yes, what is it?

Who is a Dietician?

Dieticians are professionally qualified to treat medical conditions. They are certified professionals who have completed various degrees and can provide specialised care to help you manage your condition. It could be chronic blood pressure, diabetes, thyroidism, and more. Dieticians are medically trained professionals who will guide you to meet your dietary requirements.

Who is a Nutritionist?

A nutritionist may not be necessarily qualified to help you with your medical conditions – they offer a more holistic and general approach to your diet. They are also qualified and trained professionals, they just don’t specialise in assisting with medical treatments.

That’s the main point of difference!

If you have no special health conditions, you can feel free to go to either a dietician or a nutritionist. In case you do suffer from one, it is generally the preferred choice to go to a certified dietician because they are specifically trained to address your concerns.

So why do we need a dietician or a nutritionist? To overcome bad eating habits.

If you feel like you have unhealthy eating behaviours that just aren’t going away, a dietician or a nutritionist can really help you overcome these habits. Maybe you’re deficient in certain nutrients, making your body crave unhealthy foods. Maybe you have a deeper issue that needs to be addressed. The structure that comes with getting a customised diet can really help you overcome your problems.

Not every diet is right! All of us have tried at least one fad diet, and although we may not be proud of it, the fast results can lure us in. A nutritionist and a dietician can help you understand your body better and help you understand what you really need. So say goodbye to those calorie-deficit starvation schemes and open your arms to a healthier way of living!

A balanced diet should also meet your cravings and favourite foods! Dieticians and nutritionists can help you personalise and create a balanced diet and meal plan that includes your favourite bar of chocolate or your favourite ice cream.

So if you want to improve your health or get in shape, consider engaging a dietician or nutritionist for their services. Happy healthy eating!


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