Dispute Resolution Policy

Scope: Users of the Sabisuu platform
Last updated: 24 March 2021
  1. Definitions
    1. “Sabisuu” refers to Sabisuu Pte. Ltd., its owners, members, managers, employees, directors, officers, agents, affiliates, Sabisuu Partners and/or licensors, collectively.
    2. “Platform” is defined as any platform created and maintained by Sabisuu, including websites and mobile applications, for the Platform to transact by receiving and providing services for a monetary value.
    3. “User” refers to any Entity accessing and using the Platform.
    4. “Customer” refers to any Entity using the Platform to purchase services.
    5. “Service Provider” refers to any Entity using the Platform to sell services “the Platform” refer to all entities using the Sabisuu web or mobile platforms.
  2. Preface
    1. The Dispute Resolution Policy applies to Users of the Platform. This policy is not a contract, and the policies outlined in this document may be amended at any time. In any case of conflict, this document shall prevail.
    2. Sabisuu has an equal opportunity and affirmative action service marketplace platform. Customers and Service Providers are treated without regard to their gender, financial status, experience or reputation. Sabisuu declares and reaffirms its policy of equal opportunity and non-discrimination in the provision of support and other services.
  3. Purpose
    1. The Dispute Resolution Policy is the official Sabisuu support response policy. There may be additional policies which are beyond the scope of this document.
    2. The Dispute Resolution Policy is an effort to create a better understanding of the Platform’s dispute response measures and procedures of Sabisuu. It should enhance personnel decisions, protect the rights of Users and assure uniformity of action throughout the platform. Sabisuu is responsible for administering this policy in a consistent and impartial manner.
    3. Policies in the field of user support are subject to modification and further development in the light of experience. The Dispute Resolution Policy is subject to review and change by Sabisuu without notice.
    4. Distribution of Policy: The Dispute Resolution Policy will be available on all the Platform, and is available on demand through electronic mail requests. Users are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the information contained in this policy and any amendments.
    5. Establishing New or Revised Policy: The Dispute Resolution Policy may be abolished and recreated under a different named policy of similar nature, abolished and embedded in a separate policy document, or amended with revised terms of similar nature. Sabisuu reserves the right to the Dispute Resolution Policy, and Users will be informed of any new or revised policies via electronic mail.
  4. Policy Statement
    1. Customers and Service Providers of the Platform can raise a dispute at any time after payment has been made by the Customer and before payments are released to Service Providers. Release of payments to Service Providers will take effect after a period of Seven (7) days from the calendar date when Service Providers mark services as completed and where no disputes were raised thereafter.
    2. During the period of dispute resolution, all funds relating to the payments for services will be withheld by Sabisuu and released to respective parties after 2 days from the successful conclusion of the dispute cases.
    3. Users can raise a dispute through the Sabisuu mobile application to submit a Request for Dispute Form. Sabisuu is not liable for any delay if Users raise disputes through other means which is not through the Request for Dispute Form.
    4. Sabisuu is not responsible for the failure to raise dispute cases before funds relating to payments for services are released to Service Providers. Users understand that Sabisuu is unable to reverse such payments already released to Service Providers.
  5. Resolution of Issues
    1. For the purpose of dispute resolution, Sabisuu will review all communication between Customers and Service Providers made within the Platform only. Any external communications through email, message, face-to-face etc. will not be reviewed.
    2. Parties of the dispute will be informed via electronic mail when a Request for Dispute Form was submitted. The purpose of this notification is to encourage resolution attempts between both parties to ensure a satisfactory transaction, and for transparency among Users.
    3. Service Providers must ensure that all terms stated in the listing, or agreed upon and documented on the Platform are followed through. Service Providers are solely responsible for the accuracy of service listings, and must not misrepresent, misguide or mislead Customers.
    4. Customers are responsible for proper due diligence on Service Providers and sufficient clarification on all service listing terms before making payments.
    5. For disputes regarding quality of services performed, Sabisuu does not guarantee the outcome of such disputes due to its highly relative nature. Sabisuu will prioritize the delivery of terms agreed upon for the service listing, and assess quality issues based on a reasonable doubt.
    6. For disputes regarding quality of services performed which require an expert’s opinion, Sabisuu does not guarantee the outcome of such disputes. Sabisuu provides the choice of engaging third-party experts to determine
    7. Users are expected to adhere to Sabisuu’s Terms of Service and other policies, and must treat all Users with respect at all times. Sabisuu will not tolerate any case of fraud or abuse, and reserves the right to disable or close the accounts of such Users.
    8. Users are expected to abide by the law at all times. Sabisuu will not tolerate any case of illegal doings, and will report any such Users, accounts, and information to the authorities.
  6. Order Cancellation & Refundchildren 
    1. Both parties of the dispute may agree to cancel the order and refund any balances paid, or to proceed with the order. Sabisuu will honor the mutual conclusion of dispute resolution outcome.
    2. In the case where both parties are unable to reach a mutual conclusion, Sabisuu will assess if the terms of services have been fulfilled by the Service Provider beyond a reasonable doubt.
      If the terms of service stated in the listing and discussed on the Platform has been fulfilled, Sabisuu will proceed with the order and both parties will be liable to uphold the transaction.
    3. Sabisuu does not guarantee the outcome of disputes, except where evidence shows that:
      1. the Service Provider did not fulfill the terms of service;
      2. the Service Provider is no longer able to fulfill the order;
      3. Users may be exposed to any form of risk if the order is to progress; or,
      4. there are signs of abuse or fraud.

      Such orders will be cancelled and funds paid for the order will be refunded to Customers.

  7. Entire Terms

    The Dispute Resolution Policy, together with the Terms of Service Policy any other legal notices or policies published by Sabisuu on the Platform, shall constitute the entire agreement between you and Sabisuu concerning the Platform. If any provision of the Dispute Resolution Policy is deemed invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, the invalidity of such provision shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of the Dispute Resolution Policy, which shall remain in full force and effect.

  8. Governing Law

    This policy shall be governed by the laws of Singapore and you agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of Singapore in the event of any claims or disputes.

Sabisuu Pte. Ltd.

All rights reserved 2021

Sabisuu Pte. Ltd. All rights reserved 2021